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18:55 Happy 10 years to Arcade Fire’s Funeral :)
Photo: Rock in Rio Lisboa 2014, 31st May 2014
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Best hug ever. Really wish I was there. #thelibertines #hydepark #petedoherty #carlbarat
23:41"I hope you liked the support band, they were alright weren’t they?" — Tom Meighan - iTunes Festival 2014 (via cassabian)

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Rock n’ Roll sent us insane

Omg, still can’t believe they played such a beautiful version of Goodbye Kiss!

Kasabian, official soundtrack for the Summer of 2014 =’)

20:27 Kasabian live @ iTunes Festival 2014
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aww this is cute
12:12 Super Bock Super Rock 2014
Tame Impala, Eddie Vedder, Woodkid and Kasabian =’)
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Tom Meighan of Kasabian
"Since he’s been writing songs, it seems like he’s always thinking about that. So even when he’s talking to you now, he’s thinking about the next thing that rhymes with that word. Even when he’s driving. We joke he’s a bad driver, his focus is never 100 per cent on what he’s doing. Which is good for us ‘cause that means he’s got another 12 songs up his sleeve. I think music be the easiest way for him to be concise and get everything out. Otherwise his head would explode." -Matt Helders on Alex.
Happy birthday Alexander D. Turner! 
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Modern man